From our THWoD-photoshoot, it was so hot but we managed and a huge thank you to Adelaide for writing such an amazing fanfic! You can read it here, I DEEPLY recommend it! <3

King Pitch - Toyroys

Courtesan Jack - Me

*deep calming breath*

I almost screamed when I saw this. I’m serious. Oh my god. Like seriously. OH MY GOD. Look at you both! You’re PERFECT. Like - I’m squealing right now okay. 

All the details. Oh man all the details *stares endlessly* The patterns and the chain on Pitch’s robe. THAT CROWN. Oh mannnnnn. DId you make that? Or buy it? Because if you bought it I WANT ONE. I WILL WEAR IT WHEN I’M WRITING (well, either that or this one).

And then Jackkkkk oh my goodness. The jewellery! The cuffs! The touch of blue around the collar! The eyeliner! ASDFGHJKL I just love everything okay. 

Most of all though I think I love that last picture. THEY’RE SO HAPPY. I CAN’T EVEN. SOMEONE SEND HELP. 

Wahhh thank you so much! I’m so honoured <3 <3 <3 Are you planning on wearing this to a con? Oh man, this is too amazing. 


Ahhh, the crown was made…And yes we are planning on wearing this to the Swedish convention ‘Närcon’.

But thank you so much, we’ll maybe post some more photo’s…later..c:

love the consept people please… fanfic of this??

Hi there! These awesome costumes are based on my fic, The Heavy Weight of Duty :)